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FRP Cooling Towers Manufacturer

FRP Cooling Towers

Timber Cooling Towers Manufacturer

Timber Cooling Towers

Wooden Cooling Towers Manufacturer

Wooden Cooling Towers

FRP Natural Cooling Towers Manufacturer

FRP Natural Cooling Towers

    FRP Cooling Tower Manufacturers

    Mahaveer manufactures Fibre Reinforced Plastic (frp) cooling towers. These frp cooling towers are anti-corrosives having a longer operational life with low maintenance cost. Mahaveer manufactured frp cooling towers distribute cooling evenly and accurately as it is equipped with polypropylene flower nozzles.

    Timber Cooling Tower Manufacturers

    Mahaveer manufactures Timber Cooling Towers with high grade raw materials without compromising on quality aspects. It has low maintenance cost and has longer functional life with high thermal efficiency and high water storage capacity. Mahaveer manufactures these timber cooling towers in various sizes and shapes and in customized designs.

    Wooden Cooling Towers Manufacturers

    Wooden Cooling Towers manufactured by Mahaveer are of the highest standards and built with state-of-art-technology by a team of ace engineers. These wooden cooling towers can withstand the pressures of adverse effects of contaminated water from process industries. They have optimum cooling capacity. These wooden cooling towers are custom-designed on orders with optimum cooling capacity.

    Cooling Towers Manufacturers in India

    Cooling towers are heat rejection systems wherein they dispel waste heat into the atmosphere through the cooling of water stream to lower temperature. Mahaveer is a renowned cooling tower manufacturer in India, manufactures and supplies solid quality cooling towers to its client companies across India.

    Water Cooling Towers Manufacturers

    Mahaveer manufactures water cooling towers with sturdy raw materials with hundred percent quality standards which have a longer functional life with low cost maintenance. These water cooling towers have optimum cooling capacity; and are good at removing unwanted heat from chillers and dispelling it into the atmosphere.

    Mahaveer Services

    Mahaveer is dedicated and committed to provide reliable services to its customers. Mahaveer provides in-depth inspections on its products precisely locating the problem with detailed analysis with photographs to substantiate. How Mahaveer proceeds with the problem and solves it and what other additional services it can offer are all mentioned here.

    Application/Sizing/Layout Services

    The ace field application engineers at Mahaveer are well-trained to advise you on cooling towers, its size, shape, specifications, to right down to the installation process their guidance will continue. You can trust Mahaveer on its commitment to customers.

    Construction Service

    Mahaveer provide its customers, the knowhow and undertakes the complete responsibility right from civil construction to erection of cooling towers to critically commissioning of the completed tower successfully. We take these responsibilities on turnkey projects basis.

    Parts Service

    There is no dearth of spare parts for all types of cooling towers. All the spare parts available at Mahaveer are original as they are manufactured by us only; and you could be confident of its quality too. Except motors Mahaveer manufactures all the spare parts at their factory premises only.

    Maintenance Service

    Mahaveer also provides complete maintenance services and shall guide you thoroughly on all the maintenance and operational issues of their cooling towers.

    Condition Service

    At regular periods of time, Mahaveer gives your cooling towers a thorough inspection checking on its operational conditions. This conditional service serves as a preventive measure wherein you can act upon the problem immediately before it occurs.

    Reconstruction Service

    At sometime or the other you tower needs repairs and overhauling due to its wear and tear as it ages. If your towers need overhauling or reconstruction, Mahaveer restores your towers to grade A condition.

    Performance Improvement Service

    From time to time, cooling towers refuse to perform to its full potentials. Mahaveer constantly updates and upgrades itself on technological levels and the same is translated and delivered to its clients, so that the cooling towers always perform to their fullest potentials giving the client maximum output.

    Tower Replacement Service

    Sometimes clients feel that their cooling towers have aged and needs to be replaced with existing ones with newer ones. Mahaveer can help even in such cases and help replace your cooling towers at cost effective.

    Cooling Tower Information Service

    Mahaveer firmly believes that clients should be updated with the knowledge on cooling towers. The more the clients become knowledgeable the more it is better for us to provide them our services. As such it regularly mails its customers the technical bulletins from time to time.

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